Expert BIO

Autism Risk & Safety Expert Dennis Debbaudt

Dennis, the proud father of Brad, a young man who has autism, wrote the ground-breaking booklet Avoiding Unfortunate Situations in 1994, the first-ever look at the interactions between children and adults with autism and law enforcement professionals. He has since written frequently on the topic including the book "Autism, Advocates and Law Enforcement Professionals: Recognizing and Reducing Risk Situations for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders" and articles for the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and

Sheriff Magazine. He consulted to ABC News 20/20 for the segment, “A Simple Man”, about autism and false confession, and was instrumental in the development of the state of Maryland's Police and Correctional Training Commissions 1999 curriculum " Why Law Enforcement Needs to Recognize Autism". A professional investigator and journalist for 27 years, Dennis turned his attention to providing autism recognition response and risk management training to law enforcement and emergency first responders in 1991.

He presents to law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. His materials are in use by police departments around the world.

A Detroit native, he now resides with his wife, Gay, and son, Brad, in South Florida.