Earn a FREE FlipVideo Camera!

The Flip Video

RelateNow is offering an exciting opportunity for you to earn a Free FlipVideo Video Camera! This camera is an indispensable tool when using video to work with children and their families. With the click of a button, you can quickly capture video that the camera automatically compresses into a “web-ready” video format. You can then easily upload this video to a child’s file within RelateNow for the entire therapeutic team to instantly access, no confusing extra cords necessary!

That’s not all! You can earn a FREE FlipVideo for all of your therapists! Here’s how it works: For every 10 families you sign on within 30 days of your initial RelateNow training, you can earn 1 FlipVideo camera.  If you have 100 families, that’s 10 cameras! To be eligible for this promotion, families have to commit to a one-year RelateNow subscription.

To get more information of this offer email info@relatenow.com
To learn more about this camera go to: www.theflip.com