Online Security

Keeping your information private and secure is our top priority.

RelateNow has taken extra steps to provide our members with the highest level of Web site security current technology has to offer. Below are the protections we have in place.

RelateNow Protections

With our sophisticated combination of software and hardware security measures, RelateNow has up-to-date protections that meet or exceed the industry standards for Internet security.

For added security your data passes through a system of firewalls, which are computers specifically designed to keep out unauthorized users. Use of these firewalls provides a barrier between the Internet and your private information stored on

RelateNow systems are configured with anti-virus protection that automatically updates on a daily basis. This helps prevent infection of RelateNow systems by computer viruses and other malicious code. For the security of your home computer system we recommend that you install anti-virus technology.

Back-Up and Recovery
To help ensure system availability and critical data integrity, RelateNow has disaster recovery plans for all critical systems using industry standard data backup procedures.

Report Fraud
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Protecting your own computer

Providing a secure Internet experience is just one part of the security process. We need your help to complete the process by taking the following precautions.

If you have any questions about our Web site security, please contact

Update Your Operating System and Internet Browser Regularly Keep your operating system (i.e., Windows, OS X, Red Hat) and Internet browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape) up-to-date with the latest security patches and software updates.

Apple Support
Microsoft Updates

Protect Yourself with Anti-Virus Software
Maintain anti-virus software on all systems used to access your accounts. Make sure that the anti-virus library files are up to date. This protects your system from current viruses.

Choose Passwords Wisely and Keep Them Confidential
Follow our specific suggestions (see below) for creating a password. Change it frequently to ensure others cannot guess it. Do not share your password with anybody, including RelateNow staff or co-workers. We do not need to know your RelateNow password to help you with any of your accounts.

Password Creation Guidelines to follow
Your online password is your key to your personal information. It is important to make your key unique so no one can guess it. Here are some guidelines to follow.

How to Choose a Password

  • Choose a mixture of letters, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters (@, %, $, #, &, etc.)
  • Use capital letters sporadically.
  • If possible, select an 8-digit password or longer.
  • Think of a pneumonic device to remember your unique password. Use the first letters of a sentence as your password to help you remember.

What NOT to Use

  • Don't choose the name of a child, spouse, pet or other familiar person.
  • Don't select words that appear in the dictionary.
  • Don't choose something that can be easily guessed, like "chocolate", "password" or "123456."

"Log Off" and Close Your Browser When You Are Done
Click the "Log off" button to properly end your RelateNow session so no further transactions can be processed. Be sure to close your browser after logging off.

Protect Yourself While Using RelateNow
Be sure you are not being watched while entering your RelateNow information. Never leave your computer unattended while logged onto your RelateNow account, enabling others to access your account information.



When sending information from our secure Web site to your computer, we use 128-bit encryption technology. This type of technology, called SSL or Secure Socket Layer, prevents anyone from intercepting or viewing your personal information.

Before your data leaves our secure site and travels over the Internet, it is broken up into small segments, then scrambled or encrypted within those segments, making it useless to hackers. Once your data arrives at your computer, the data is unscrambled making it possible for you, and only you, to read it.

While much of our main Web site ( is not secured using this technology, anytime you use our member services the encryption technology is enabled. To verify your connection is secure, look at the address of the site. If your connection is secure you will see "https" instead of just "http" in the URL. Also, check for the padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window.

RelateNow’s security certificate is issued by Verisign (, the leading provider of security certificates.

At RelateNow, protecting your private information is a top priority. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.